5 Great Tips For Maintaining Your Steel Gates

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Very few things serve both as a necessity and contribute to style. One of the examples is steel gates. They not only ensure that the household is safe and secure from burglary but add to the beauty of the house. They can be designed in all ways to suit the needs of any home. But, you would not be able to reap all the benefits, unless you take proper care of these gates.

Here are 5 great tips that come handy when you want to take proper care of your steel gates. Do not think that you would have to exert yourself with the tasks given, they are easy and simple. They do not require much time too.

Take protective measures:

Like any other part of the structure, when exposed to rain and shine, the steel gates too get damaged. Though steel gates are meant to be untouched by rust, there are instances, where these gates can lose the luster. A coat wax can do the required magic. Yes, simply coat the gates with wax, and there are many professionals who can do this for you. Any protective sealant can help you, and you can also choose other apt sealants.

Paint it:

Yes, you heard it right. Though many would like to keep the bright steely metal color on the gates, painting is never going to do any damage to the looks. This is a block between the air and moisture, and the gates of steel. Using fresh paints in a consistent frequency can help your gates stay for long. When steel is in contact with atmospheric air, it gets exposed to moisture and gradually begins to rust in places where dust has settled. A coat of wax or paint prevents this contact.

Take time to inspect:

You would wonder how this tip is going to benefit you. After all, you walk or drive through the gates every other day.  Apparently, many gates do not show signs of damage from a distance. So, take a day from a month, or once in 3 months to inspect your gate. Check for the bends, holes, cracks and anything that shows that the gate needs to be attended. When you inspect and find the problems early they can be fixed easily and instantly. This means you save a lot of money too. You can always clean and touch up the spots were the paint seems to have sloughed off or got peeled away due to some mechanical impact on the gate. Sealing these inconsistencies on the paint surface and improve the longivity of your steel gates.


You need not be a cleaning freak, but ensure you clear off dust and dirt from the gates. Accumulation of dust and dirt can make your gates go weaker. It might sound annoying but there is the logic behind this. There are higher chances of moisture gathered upon dirt than in a clean surface. When you leave things without cleaning for long, moisture keeps building. This eventually leads to corrosion of the gates or cracks. They make the gate weaker. Use water to clean the gates, but make sure dry the surface with a dry cloth immediately.

Do not miss the bent sections:

If you can attend to a few issues in the earlier stage, you will find that you avoided major repairs and loss of money. Inspecting and attending to imperfections in the most visible part of gate is not enough. What matters most is the not so noticed places like the side bents and undersurface of the steel gate pipes. These places gather dust and corrode easily. Taking assistance of professional services helps a lot in such cases. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then take ultimate care while correcting the bent sections.

Enjoy the looks and security of the steel gates using these tips. This would also save you a lot of time, money, and trouble. A gate that has been weakened by corrosion also weakens your security and a burglar or a vandal can attempt to gain access to your property taking advantage of your weakened steel gates.

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